One of the key challenges for any organisation is to create awareness amongst target audiences of its brand values, products and  services.  It easy to understand the importance of this in, for example, the very competitive retail sector where outwardly very similar high street chains fight to grab our attention…and money! The same can be said of many other commercial sectors where there is a constant need to promote, publicise and influence.

It is easy to forget that the same need for awareness and recognition applies to any type of organisation fighting competition, looking to impress potential customers or engage positively with its stakeholders. Indeed, one of the most interesting aspects of working at Micromarketing  is the range and type of organisations that we assist in their quest for effective communication. Thanks to our ability to listen, discuss and supply the most appropriate high quality, branded promotional goods, we are a constant driving force behind many different awareness campaigns.

So when for the first time a Housing Association enquired about prices for fridge magnets, umbrellas, mugs, key rings, coasters and so on (Product Catalogue), our first question was ‘Why do you want these?’ Call it customer service or just plain nosy, but it really helps to know what lies behind such requests so that we provide the best possible solution.

It turns out that Housing Associations in general can have some very important communication needs. There is frequently an on-going requirement to create awareness and understanding of the association’s name and what it stands for amongst some very important stakeholders: existing tenants, future residents, members of staff, suppliers, financial partners, local authorities –  to name but a few – may all need to be impressed.

That entails a need for memorable brand awareness and a strong image – so not that different from those high street chains after all. In this respect, promotional products can play a huge role and especially at a time of rebranding or relaunching.

The key aim could be to  establish the association as the leading organisation of its kind in the region and therefore strengthening local reputation is essential. Maybe there is a need to underline expertise and commitment to being an innovative, modern progressive housing provider. Perhaps it is essential to demonstrate how homes are being created where people are carefully cared for and can live in total security. It could be just a question of reminding tenants that recycling bins are collected every Thursday. There may be a requirement to communicate internally more effectively with valued staff who may feel isolated in a large organisation.

These different goals demand different means of effective communication. There are few promotional product providers who go that extra mile and want to work hand in hand with Housing Associations to achieve those goals –  and even fewer who have the range of product solutions and services offered by Micromarketing, a company already working closely and successfully with various social housing providers.

As the partner of choice for Bernicia for example, Micromarketing is supporting their new branding with a range of promotional products that help to convey the association’s message of ‘Helping to create places where people want to live’  as well as underlining their vision of openness, positivity, being welcoming and socially inclusive.

Having previously relied upon a number of different suppliers for promotional goods for various marketing activities, there was a need to find a new supplier for the association’s vital new branding programme – and Micromarketing came up with creative, fresh ideas and designs all in keeping with brand guidelines. “Great service,” according to Bernicia and a massive help in promoting the branding both internally to staff and externally to stakeholders.

So, don’t just think about promotional goods for Housing Associations in isolation in terms of prices, quantity discounts and delivery dates. Yes, these factors are of course important, but let’s discuss how we can assist in fulfilling your specific marketing communications needs most effectively.