Summer Events

The weather may not agree but summer is upon us and with summer comes the fun-filled events for many of our clients.

The end of May and the start of June brings an array of clients purchasing promotional products and communication tools, to take with them to their summer road shows and events.

You may think you’re too late but there’s no reason to panic just yet! As a Product Marketing Consultancy we won’t just throw your logo on a pen and wave you off, we will help you find a perfectly suited product for your event, communication, budget and of course timescale.

Promotional products often get pushed to the back of the mind when it comes to events and of course I understand this when you’re juggling everything else that needs doing! However, I’m here to tell you that ‘Promo-Products’ shouldn’t take a back seat. They are actually a key factor in any communication, when used properly they can be an efficient way of communicating to your target audience and making an everlasting message! One which extends the period of the event!

Check out my blog Imperative, Integral, Indispensable on the BPMA website, based around the importance of a communication tool we produce for one of our clients RoSPA.

Are you lacking in inspiration?

Here are my Top 5 summer products:

1. Sunglasses

These are a great promotional item because people love this quirky and fun practical product! With great branding options from the arms of the glasses to the lenses they certainly get your brand and message noticed! – Now we just need the sun to shine!


2. Cotton Shopper

Yes it’s a classic…but who wants to pay 5p for a cheap plastic bag?  We have seen a huge rise in the sales of bags since last October. My personal favourite is still the shopper but we have developed our range so we stock a versatile range! From Jutes to drawstring we have it all!


3. Stress Items

There is something about the stress item that makes people want to keep it! Whether it’s because it’s fun, quirky or tactile I do not know…but they always get a great response! We have a huge range of shapes and sizes available but if that doesn’t float your boat then why not create something completely bespoke?



4. Water Bottle

Ahh… there is nothing more refreshing than a bottle of cold water! This product has developed over the years to incorporate trends from the handle bottle, perfect for those summer evening runs to the shaker bottle, ideal for those protein shakes before hitting the gym!  Foldable water bottles, fruit infusers, Metal, Plastic…you name it; we probably have it in one of our ranges!


5. …..

I’m really struggling with thinking of one product to fill the last place in my Top 5! So many super products like frisbees, cool bags, hand-held fans, hats, earphones, speakers we even have deck chair phone holders – what do I choose? So my fifth choice is Quirky! A cop-out I know but I just can’t choose!  The thing is standing out from the crowd is one of the most important things at an event. You want something to make people remember you and your message! Something ‘quirky’ but suited to you, your brand and your communication is vital!