Morrisons & Sue Ryder Partnership

Sue Ryder Raise a Smile Partnership with Morrisons
Morrisons contacted Micro asking for help to create a product that could be sold in their shops to raise money for Sue Ryder as part of their ‘Raise a Smile’ campaign.

The Campaign

Sue Ryder's "Raise a Smile" partnership with Morrisons allowed the retailer (Morrisons) to give their customers the opportunity to give back to their community whilst doing their weekly shop. The aim was to ensure that the incredible work being done by Sue Ryder could reach more families across the UK.

Morrisons Sue Ryder Partnership

The Product

Micro created a product that would be positioned next to the tills in its own packaging. This was a credit card-sized magnet attached to a ferrous sheet and placed in a clear bag for a professional finish. These were then displayed in a custom made box. There were two designs to choose from, one supporting community nurses and the other supporting bereavement care for families. Each magnet was sold at a cost of £5.

Campaign Success

Since their partnership with Sue Ryder started in February 2014, Morrisons has raised £7.2 million with the national ‘Raise a Smile’ campaign. They’ve helped to expand Sue Ryder’s team of expert nurses and support workers by over 100, which has enabled them to provide 250,000 extra hours of care each year.


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