NHS & One You Ealing

Micro Supports NHS & One You Ealing’s Stop Smoking Campaigns
Learn how Micro helped One You Ealing to raise awareness of the health effects of smoking and of the NHS services available to the Ealing community, leading Ealing to have a lower prevalence of smoking amongst adults compared to the national average.

Micro works with NHS’ One You Ealing to provide design services, print and branded merchandise that promotes, informs and educates the local Ealing community.


About One You Ealing

One You Ealing is part of a national behaviour change programme that aims to help the local population to adopt and maintain healthier lifestyles. The Ealing programme works to reduce health inequalities across the borough with focused campaigns that include smoking cessation and weight management in children. Since 2012, One You Ealing has helped over 7,000 people to give up smoking.


One You Ealing Smoking Cessation


About Ealing

Ealing is the third largest London borough and is due to grow significantly over the next 15 to 20 years*. This increasing population places further strain on public services. Whilst Ealing has an above average life expectancy, it includes wards with areas and estates amongst the 10% most health deprived in England and levels of homelessness above the average*.


Micro & One You Ealing

Micro has worked with One You Ealing since 2016 after receiving a request for the design and print of folded leaflets. One You Ealing’s objectives were to: communicate their smoking cessation services to the local public; promote a smoke-free Ealing to the community; inform local organisations of the NHS services available to support staff in going smoke-free. Micro has been almost an extension to the communications team, supporting them in design and the writing of copy to keep costs down.

“Amazing service - really tailored to the support and design that we were looking for. Thanks all for being so patient with us and not giving up with our endless requests.”

-Rubyni Krishnan, Deputy Service Manager, One you Ealing

Initial Project: Smoking Cessation Campaign

In the initial project for One You Ealing, the design studio worked closely with the Stop Smoking Facilitators to design and create copy for two leaflets with their vision in mind. Since 2016, Micro has designed and printed almost 5,000 leaflets and posters communicating the health effects of smoking and promoting the NHS services that are available to help smokers quit. The leaflets also raise awareness of a six-week support programme where trained advisors offer support to those in need of a little extra help.

One You Ealing Smoking Cessation NHS Services Leaflet

Smoking prevalence in Ealing has been steadily falling over the last 10 years and is more than likely attributed to a combination of factors including the smoking ban, e-cigarettes and changed societal attitudes. The work that the NHS commissions in Ealing has contributed to higher success rates compared to the rest of the nation. In Ealing, the prevalence of smoking among adults lies at 15.4% compared to the national level of 16.9%**.


Everything Branded

Micro sources the most cost-effective merchandise to support NHS organisations in communicating messages of health and wellbeing. One You Ealing continues to use Micro as their first point-of-call for all things branded. NHS jackets, name badges, t-shirts, economy foldable sports bottles, ballpens, stress balls, fold-up frisbees and ballot boxes are just a few items of merchandise supplied to support One You Ealing’s health campaigns.


“I’d like to thank Paul and the rest of the team at Micromarketing. Their attention to detail and ability to create something new and different has made a difference in building our new service. [The leaflets and promotional merchandise] really demonstrates our values and the great service that we are providing to residents. I would not hesitate to recommend them.”

-Rubyni Krishnan, Deputy Service Manager, One you Ealing


*Ealing Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2016-21
**JSNA Tobacco Control Survey 2018

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