Promotional Products for the Automotive Sector
We can provide a variety of unique promotional products to aid in customer loyalty, brand awareness and local marketing for car dealerships and garages. We can also supply the more premium motor gift and develop completely new product designs bespoke to your organisation. Get in touch with our team of experts today to find out more about what we have to offer.

Support your brand strategy with consistent imagery & messages together with promotional products that add value to your automotive brand.

Brand Awareness & Local Marketing

Carded Magnets are the perfect promotional tool for getting lots of information across at the same time as "gifting" your target market with an aesthetically pleasing fridge magnet. Fridge magnets can stay affixed for years, thus ensuring your garage or dealership details are always to hand when needed - reducing your chances of losing out on business to a competitor!

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Customer Loyalty

Products such as keyrings, glove-box kits and car air fresheners are all gifts that can add value to your brand and make your customer think favourably about your automotive services. Aim to delight your customers and you may find them coming back again and again for that little "extra" touch.


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Seasonal Automotive Products

Our seasonal merchandise gives you plenty of opportunity to delight test drivers as well as new and returning customers.

Winter Automotive Merchandise

  • Travel Flasks
  • Winter Care Care Kits
  • Ice Scrapers
  • Car De-Icer
  • Thermal Gloves

Summer Automotive Merchandise

  • Driving Sun Glasses
  • Temperature Control Flasks
  • Car Sun Shades
Keys are an item that the majority of adults will handle every day. Promotional keyrings (if deemed valuable or useful) can have a high-impact for your brand.