Promotional Products for Education
We have provided the education sector with school, college and university supplies for over 20 years now. The range has been specially selected for education together with some great suggestions on how they can be used to benefit your establishment. View our "Simply Schools" brochure below.

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With over 20 years of experience in delivering promotional products for Schools, Colleges and Universities, we know what works.


Branded products offer an effective way to promote your educational establishment to prospective students and parents to increase awareness, raise funds and reward excellence.

Within the pages of the "Simply Schools" brochure, you’ll find a range of school supplies, school stationery, and college & university supplies which we have specially selected from our portfolio. We hope you find exactly what you need and we look forward to working with you on your next campaign.


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Protect Your Brand

Purchasing low-quality or unethical products for your School or University is a huge risk and can damage your brand. At Micro, we source branded products ethically and from the UK where possible. Our “Green & Good” range features only recycled materials. 


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Student Recruitment & Welcome Gifts

Useful promotional products are the perfect tool to attract new students to your university or college. They are also highly appreciated as welcome gifts to new students. The most popular promotional items in education are pens and bags so make sure yours stand out from the competition. Grab your audience's attention with some more exciting items.  Welcome your students with branded notebooks, stationery and sticky notes to create a sense of belonging.

Classroom Tools & School Supplies

Promote a positive school culture with printed stationery and branded products that communicate a message and raise awareness of bullying or a “hot” topic.

Send messages of encouragement or study tips before exams, acknowledge positive behaviour, recognise dedication, award perfect attendance...


Campus Life & University Supplies

Use branded merchandise to communicate a message, to encourage team spirit or promote awareness and a positive culture. Brand your sports bottles and accessories with the university logo or team name to help promote sports and grow supporters. USB sticks/flash drives are always a highly useful item for any student or member of staff.

Custom Apparel

High-quality custom apparel and accessories are extremely effective in increasing your brand awareness, constantly promoting you as the items are worn again and again.

Branded clothingwear can be for students, teachers, parents and supporters. We only work with trusted suppliers to ensure we can guarantee quality.


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An effective way to promote your educational establishment to prospective students and parents.