Bespoke Magnets for Retail

Bespoke Magnets for Retail & Display
Micro can provide solutions that range from POS products to magnetic display walls and flooring. With magnets, the possibilities are endless. If you have something particular in mind that is not listed below then get in touch - we will discuss a solution to meet your needs.

It's not just the price that sets us apart; we believe in providing a more personal service to clients, developing strong relationships built on trust. We work with a select number of manufacturers and suppliers which allows us to be in full control of our quality & compliance. 

Our product design team work with some leading UK brands to develop, design and manufacture products that deliver their vision. Our magnets are manufactured in the UK, or overseas in our fully accredited factory to meet the tighter budget. All production is strictly monitored with regular audits.

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Retail, Point of Sale & Self-Promotion

When it comes to value for money, promotional magnets are a top choice. Retained by the majority of recipients, magnets give plenty of opportunities to see (OTS) so are great for boosting brand recognition and brand awareness. 

Our POS magnets can be packaged to your specifications and are a popular choice for charities running short-term campaigns.

Magnets for retail such as meal planners, calendars, budget planners, and reward charts are a high-profit product due to their perceived value.

Bespoke Magnets for Retail
Bespoke Magnets for Retail

Magnetic Display Walls & Exhibition Displays

With a Magnetic Wall System, you can completely transform almost any setting; department stores, coffee shops and exhibition stands can be brought to life with high-quality displays, branding and imagery.

Graphics are easy to update with a simple peel & replace process onto the receptive display surface. Prints can be stored for re-use. Magnetic display walls are easier to instal and slimmer than conventional wall coverings. Various options are available.

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Printed Magnetic Flooring

Printed Magnetic Flooring brings a whole new dimension to exhibition halls, stands, showrooms and offices. These are flexible, easy and quick for anyone to install, with no adhesive required. A metal foil subfloor is supplied for which to stick the magnetic PVC tiles to. Once laid, the PVC will grip to the foil, creating a flawless finish that can be used immediately after installation.

Magnetic flooring is ideal for all areas where quick installation or regular changes are needed.  – as hotels, airports, exhibition stands, shops, fitness centres, offices, shopping centres, hospitals and medical studios – as well as residential uses. The large range means that you can refresh your floor quickly and regularly, choosing from a range of great designs.

Bespoke Magnets for Retail
Bespoke Magnets for Retail

Warehouse Identification & Labelling

We can supply magnetic label rolls for racking, magnetic pockets and ticket holders, and magnetic signage to be used in the office as well as the warehouse.


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The Micromagnetics brand falls under Micromarketing Ltd. Micro has been supplying fridge magnets to the UK and overseas for over 20 years and are one of the UK's leading and most trusted magnet specialists. As well as our UK manufactured magnets, we have the resources to manufacture in the Far-East when there is a requirement.

Our magnets have an element of recycled metal and the paper used is from a sustainable source. Micro promote the practice of returning "end of life" product for recycling and environmentally friendly disposal.

Bespoke Magnets for Retail