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How Our Branded Mugs Ease All of Them

Your Top Four Frustrations When Buying Promotional Items

The custom mug is the third most popular promotional item found on a desk. Based on the most recent research into the use of promotional products in the UK, conducted by the BPMA (British Promotional Merchandise Association), 20% of interview participants who had promotional products on their desk had a promotional mug. The cost per impression is extremely low; they last for an average of 3 years and when you consider the exposure gained by using a mug at your desk or at home with guests visiting - it’s pretty high.

Custom mugs are a popular choice for a promotional product for many reasons. They have a very long lifespan and owners can develop an emotional attachment to their own. Think about your favourite mug, is it a personalised one? How do you feel about someone else using it? Plenty of people will confirm that they feel emotionally attached to a specific mug and have admitted that they would be upset if it broke.

Let’s Set the Scene…

Imagine…you see somebody making tea from across the room. You catch a glimpse of your mug, why? You didn’t ask for a drink! Your instincts kick in….you move in to grab it…

Rim and Handle Custom Mugs

Number One Frustration - Poor Quality

The biggest frustration when it comes to purchasing branded promotional goods for your company is that the items are “cheap tat” which can break easily. Micro only supplies mugs of the highest quality with a wide choice of materials and print. Our Duraglaze PhotoMugs have been independently tested to BS EN 12875-4 to over 2000 washes and are confirmed 100% dishwasher proof.


Number Two Frustration - Pricing

Websites that don’t show prices & vague quotes that don’t include all costs!

Promotional products are offered completely bespoke to your company’s branding. One organisation may require 200 t-shirts made from organic cotton with an embroidery detail, another may ask for 500 transfer t-shirts in full-colour print. In our experience, we find it best to speak directly with you. This allows us to gain all the information required to provide you with an accurate quote that has no hidden costs, which means no last-minute surprises.


Number Three Frustration - Lead Times

Some promotional merchandise can have lengthy lead times, but it doesn’t have to be this way. We stock many products which offer fast delivery. In the case of mugs, if requested, particular lines can be branded and delivered to you within 48 hours of artwork approval. We always endeavour to cater to any specific need or requirement, just give us a call!

It should be noted that artwork confirmations can significantly increase lead times. As long as you quickly approve your artwork, we can move the order forward swiftly and get your product despatched fast.


Number Four Frustration - Communication

“The company forgot to contact me!”

Sad, but true! At Micro, we have processes in place ensuring each and every enquiry is followed up on, as scheduled, so that no customer is forgotten about.

“Bombarded with emails!”

We like to send status updates in the form of an email letting customers know exactly how an order is progressing. After this, we will only send relevant email updates on the latest products and services - loyal customers receive the best offers. Customers can opt-out and in of email updates at any time.

“Pushy sales!”

Our ethos is the opposite. No one likes to be forced into anything. Micro likes to think of ourselves as an extension of your own team, your very own promotional product consultants advising on the best practice and the most suitable products for a particular campaign. We will provide you with all of the information you require, giving you the time and space needed to make an informed decision. Our excellent service sells itself, give it a try!


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Why Choose Promotional Fridge Magnets?

Slimming World Epoxy Resin Fridge Magnets Red Hearts

Our clients have been using fridge magnets to increase brand awareness and promote repeat business for years now. They are the perfect tool for communicating information to a wide audience and our carded magnet range gives you an increased branding area for those more complicated messages. Costing (on average) less than a first-class stamp, promotional fridge magnets are retained by the majority of recipients and are immediately put to use. Fridge magnets continually promote your brand to all members of the household and their visitors, whilst also being a very practical item keeping useful information in its place.

Advantages of Using Fridge Magnets as a Promotional Product


Low-Cost: Magnets are a very low-cost promotional item. Whether you are on a tight budget or not, fridge magnets are a great choice when it comes to value for money and cost-effectiveness.

Small & Light for Mailing: Fridge magnets are very easy to post and are light in weight helping you keep your campaign costs down.

Durable & Long-Lasting: Our magnets are durable and long-lasting. The top layer of matt or gloss lamination provides extra protection and other finishes are available such as on the epoxy resin magnets. This finish can be seen on the Slimming World range.

Eye-Catching: If time and care are taken in the design, fridge magnets are a real eye-catcher. Micro can work with you to produce stunning artwork that will ensure your magnets grab the right attention.

Useful Item: Magnets can be relied upon to keep shopping lists and task lists whilst doubling up as a very effective advertising medium.

Great Value for & Low Cost-Per-Impression: Fridge magnets are viewed throughout the day by all members of the family and guests. The price-per-impression can be lower than many other forms of advertising and with this, you can use fridge magnets  to drive repeat business, increase reach and send important messages.


Why Micro?

 Why Choose Micro


We have over 20 years of experience & expertise when it comes to promotional magnets. We offer a wide variety of products for any application - internal and external, as well as our whole promotional product portfolio. We always ensure that we provide our clients with high-quality products. We guarantee a fast turn-around and reliable customer service. Get in touch for a sample.


Magnet Experts for 20+ Years
We Can Supply any Shape or Size
Bespoke Artwork Generation
All-Inclusive Pricing
Fast Turn-Around
Manufactured in the UK


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Ditch Single-Use Plastics

Millions of tons of plastic waste enter our oceans every year. It's an issue that can no longer be avoided. Plastic pollution is impacting marine life, our fresh water supplies and our health!


Recent research has been motivating businesses and large corporations to begin their own campaigns. Plastic Oceans seek to educate, inspire and protect through film and other digital media. Sky’s #OceanRescue campaign highlights the present dangerous levels of plastics that contaminate our Earth - particularly the oceans, and promises to eliminate all single-use plastics from their business by 2020!

David Attenborough expresses his heartache at the current state of our oceans in the Guardian - one of many articles on the topic.


One way that you can make a difference is by promoting the use of reusable & recyclable drinking bottles.


Find out more & request a sample here:

Eco-Drinkware Sample