Compressed Promotional Towels

One of the most desirable promotional products! The branded towel is compressed to fit into a small and shaped package that fits into the palm of your hand. It is supplied with a printed carton inlay on each side and then shrink-wrapped. Get in touch to discuss how compressed towels can help you to achieve your campaign objectives.

We can compress almost any size and type of towel and offer printed border towels, edge to edge printed velour towels, jacquard woven towels and more.


We Can Make Any Shape

Compressed towels fit in the palm of your hand and are supplied with a printed carton inlay on each side which is then shrink wrapped. We can mould the towel into your desired shape to match your brand’s products and/or services.


Bringing Your Towel To Life

Bringing the towel to life is an easy task for the recipient. The towel should be unwrapped and placed into water for a short while, or unwrapped and placed straight into the washing machine.

Compressed towels are a great promotional product for:

  • Direct mail (Post It Towel)
  • Business Gifts
  • Seasonal Gifts
  • New Product Launches
  • Employee Appreciation
  • Event Invitations
  • Trade Fair Giveaways
  • Retail.


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Why Use Compressed Promotional Towels?

Need A Wow Factor?

Compressed textiles are a unique promotional product - the fact that a towel can be compressed into such a small package can have more of a wow factor than the freebie itself, providing an exciting experience for your recipients. They will be positively delighted!


Compressed Towels
Compressed Towels

Post It Towel

It’s Now Possible To Send Compressed Textiles By Post!

A towel is compressed to fit into a 10 x 15 cm package - the same size as a postcard. The thickness of the compressed towel varies from 20 to 30 mm allowing it to fit into any post / letterbox.

The package consists of 2 full-colour printed carton inlays. The front is a postcard and the reverse is a blank space to which the address is filled out. The carton inlays can be printed on both sides if more information is to be included. One carton inlay can also be substituted for a mini catalogue/flyer. The Post It Towel can be placed into a branded box as an alternative to the postcard style.

Send a postcard and gift all in one at a dramatically reduced cost! 

Packaging Options

Add Value To Your Campaigns

Creative textile packaging can add much value to your branded merchandise and campaigns. This versatile product can help you to differentiate your brand from competitors and make a great first impression.

Compressed Towels
Compressed Towels

Made in the EU

100% Premium Quality

A strict quality control process is followed throughout production to ensure total customer satisfaction, from the textiles and carton inlays to the processes followed for the compression and shrink wrapping. The superior shrink wrap film used is an environmentally friendly non-PVC film with an extraordinary glossy finish.

Lead times are from only 15 working days.


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56% stated that receiving a promotional item made their opinion of the brand in question more favourable.
2011 BPMA Study: Promotional Gifts Statistics