Magnetic Business Cards

When it comes to value for money, magnetic business cards are a cost-effective way to add character to standard business cards without breaking the bank.

A magnetic business card is a powerful tool. Instead of your business card being added to a pile of previously acquired cards, yours will be attached to a fridge, filing cabinet or office memo board! They can be the perfect tool to help your business stand out amongst the noise of its competitors.


How Our Magnetic Business Cards Are Made

Our magnetic business cards are manufactured with a flexible PVC magnetic material which is bonded to card stock and finished with a gloss or matt laminate. The rear face of the magnet business card is UV coated to give a gloss finish and the magnets are then die cut to shape, for a clean and uniform edge. Two thicknesses are available; 0.7mm and 1.15mm.


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Variable Data Print on Digitally Printed Magnets

Feeling ostentatious? If you have a customer list, why not personalise your business cards with a recipients name via our variable data printing service offered with a digital print?

This great feature of digital printing allows you to customise individual prints with no impact on the speed or the job as a whole. Elements such as text, graphics and barcodes can be changed from one item to the next using information from a database or external file.