Personalised Magnets

Personalised Digitally Printed Magnets

Our magnets can be printed with variable data using our digital printing service. Magnets are a cost-effective option and we can supply over 1,000 shapes and sizes, as well as offering completely bespoke magnets manufactured via our product development service.

A great feature of digital printing is the ability to customise individual prints with no impact on the speed or the job as a whole. Elements such as text, graphics and barcodes can be changed from one item to the next using information from a database or external file.


Uses for Variable Data Printing


Personalise magnets with the recipient's name.

Send direct mail with a personalised letter and envelope, with your personalised magnet enclosed.

Print offers/codes onto a beautifully designed magnet for special offers.



Although our UK manufactured magnets are not a standard recycled product, we do take the following measures to limit their impact on the environment.

The paper used in the paper faced magnets is from a sustainable source and the magnet does have an element of recycled metal. We promote the practice of sending back “end of life” and obsolete magnets for recycling and environmentally friendly disposal.


The Environment

Our magnets have passed the following standards: BS EN 71-1, BS EN 71-2, BS EN 71-3.

Mailing Services

At Micro, we understand the complexities of a mailing campaign. Ensuring delivery deadlines are met, that information is accurate and that the product is delivered in mint condition is paramount. We work with you providing any level of mailing service from simply supplying the product to your mailing facility, to a bespoke service tailored to your requirements. No job is too big or too small for us.



Personalised Magnets
Personalised Magnets


The Micromagnetics brand falls under Micromarketing Ltd. Micro has been supplying fridge magnets to the UK and overseas for over 20 years and are one of the UK's leading and most trusted magnet specialists. As well as our UK manufactured magnets, we have the resources to manufacture in the Far-East when there is a requirement.

Our magnets have an element of recycled metal and the paper used is from a sustainable source. Micro promotes the practice of returning "end of life" product for recycling and environmentally friendly disposal.