Magic 3D Cubes

Need an engaging product that captures the recipient's attention? These Magic Cubes provide plenty of fun and entertainment as your audience opens them up to "play". With plenty of branding area, this product is great for increasing brand awareness/recognition and building your brand image.

These 3D "Magic" Cubes are a premium-quality product manufactured with precision engineering. They feature a large branding area allowing you to communicate with your audience whilst capturing their full attention. Create an emotional response as your audience is  "wowed" by this intriguing unfolding puzzle! This is a product with a high retention rate that will be kept on a desk and played with over and over again.


There are many options for the design and shape of the Magic 3D Cube. Scroll across the images to see some of the range and get in touch for a chat.


How Magic 3D Cubes can be used:

  • New Product Launch (alternative to a leaflet)
  • Desk Calendar
  • Generate Curiosity/ Gain Interest
  • Capture Attention
  • Accompany Direct Mail
  • Tell A Story
  • Invitation
  • General Communication Tool


View some great examples below and get in touch for a chat!

Sales Aid

Great for In-Store Engagement

"Wow" your customers in-store with these sales aids that can keep them busy whilst you are, decreasing walk-outs when reps are busy. These are a great way to highlight key features or promotions on products and services.

Magic Cubes
Magic Cubes

Magic Cards

Great for Direct Mail

Got a communication to send out and need a little something extra? The Magic Cards are thin and great for posting with your intended communication. Magic Cards will be played with by the entire household so your message will be heard by more than just the recipient!

Magic Calendar Cubes

Practical & Fun

Increase this already engaging product with an enhancement such as a calendar, or print important information that will be kept for reference.

Magic Cubes
Magic Cubes

Magic Discs

Great for Mailing

Folding in a similar way to the Magic Cube, this disc can be used as a booster for a mail out and even as a coaster!

This shape offers delight after delight as you can see in the image.

Communication Tool for Important Meetings

Great for Gaining Buy-In

Need something extra to engage your audience and gain buy-in during an important meeting? Why not place your communication on one of our 3D Magic Cubes and create a positive "buzz" as your meeting kicks off?



Magic Cubes