Personalised Bottles

We have a huge range of drinking bottles and sports bottles ready for you to customise with your own branding.

We have everything from space-saving foldable bottles to 400ml football bottles. Add value to your promotional bottle with our Shaker Ball or Fruit Infuser accessories!

Reusable bottles are a popular choice for staff incentives and trade show giveaways: they can encourage your staff to stay hydrated which we all know is great for energy, concentration and productivity; and they can promote an eco-friendly image to a trade show audience. Some popular products are listed below.

Our range is extensive, if you know what you are looking for then get in touch and we can arrange a quote and/or samples.


NB: Many of our bottles are mix & match and can be supplied with various lids, grips and infusers at an additional cost.


Popular Tempo Sports Bottle

Our hard-wearing Tempo Sports Bottle has a slim, modern design and comes in vibrant translucent colours. You can design your perfect bottle with the choice of a domed or flip lid. This is one of our bestselling bottles. The ergonomic design makes it the ideal sports bottle for any active customers. This bottle is also BPA free and has a 650ml capacity.

Popular Football Bottle

The Football Bottle has a high-quality finish with a 450ml capacity and comes in a wide range of bright colours with matching coloured flip closure on the black cap. The Football Bottle is BPA free and ideal for all sports - particularly football related campaigns.

Cost-Effective Foldable Bottle

Our foldable bottles are great for nurses and care workers on the go. They ensure you can stay hydrated without the nuisance carrying a large bottle and are one of our most cost-effective drinkware items.


Ditch single-use plastics now!

At present, dangerous levels of plastics contaminate our earth! Plastic particles have been found in up to 80% of mussels taken from British beaches! (Source: King’s College.)

Sky’s #OceanRescue campaign highlights the present dangerous levels of plastics that contaminate our Earth - particularly the oceans, and promises to eliminate all single-use plastics from their business by 2020! Our oceans are drowning in plastic.

Personalised Bottles
Personalised Bottles

Play Your Part

One way that you can make a difference is by promoting the use of reusable & recyclable plastics within your organisation, its supply chain and to your customers.

Promote the use of reusable & recyclable plastics within your organisation, its supply chain and to your customers with Micro.


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#OceanRescue - Ditch single-use plastics!