Calendars & Diaries

Promotional calendars and diaries are a great way to advertise and get your company or brand noticed in an office.

You can use them to keep your audience informed of important dates and events throughout the year. They are suitable for all industries and are used in the home as well as the office. 

We have calendars for the desk, hanging wall calendars, advent calendars and diaries of various views and design. Our Desk-Mates and Notepads can also be printed with a calendar on each leaf. (See Desk-Mates & Notepads)

If you would like Micro to work with you to develop a unique and completely bespoke product, please get in touch.


Desk Calendars

All Year-Round Desk Advertising

Desk Calendars are the perfect way to put your brand right in front of your target audience. You can maximise impressions with an eye-catching design.



Great Giveaways for Events 

Diaries promote your business throughout the year and are a great way to communicate multiple pieces of information such as event dates and planned promotions. You could advertise particular products and services during their "lull" stage to boost sales.

Diaries are a great gift and can be perceived as a high-value item. 

Wall Calendars

Beautiful Gifts that are Useful

A branded calendar ensures that your customers and prospects will be reminded of your products and services 365 days a year. If designed well, they are beautiful gifts that are also useful.

One of our popular calendars contains 12 leaves plus cover, white wire, gloss varnish cover, spot varnish leaves and is packed in board envelope.


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Calendars & Diaries