Bespoke Product Design

Bespoke Product Design
We have been developing new products for quite some time now and we’ve got to say, branded merchandise will get you noticed but bespoke products really have the power to transcend your audience to a new level and blow their minds long enough for them to fall in love with you. Too far? It’s true! Our product design experts work with clients to develop their completely bespoke product ranges.

Bespoke promotional products capture attention, drive enquiries & nurture loyalty.


I have been working with Micromarketing for just over a year on a new project. I came to them with little more than an idea and some designs and they were immediately encouraging and supportive. Their expertise and understanding of the project and their friendly and approachable manner has made the development of it a pleasure and they were entirely sympathetic to my wish for precision and perfection. Sales of "Tillions", my tessellating magnet game, are now gathering pace online and they are starting to appear on the high street. I know that my friends at Micro are almost as thrilled as I am. Helen Baron, Tillions Ltd
Helen Baron, Tillions Ltd

Client Visit

Our product development team will kick-off a project with a face-to-face meeting to discuss the client brief and fill in any blanks. This initial consultation helps us to understand the company and brand that is to be represented, the target market / audience, the budgets and timescales. This is also a great opportunity to set expectations and discuss the best communication methods for both parties.

Bespoke Product Design
Bespoke Product Design

Agency Brief

We will create our own project brief for internal use, interpreting the customer requirements to each department for project planning and implementation. Once complete, the project manager will touch base to confirm the details and ensure nothing has been lost in translation.

Idea Generation

Research, investigation and idea generation happens next. The whole company comes together in a brainstorming session with a presentation of initial concepts, designs aspects, material feasibility, mood boards.....

These ideas will be passed back to the client for feedback and for decisions to be made.

Bespoke Product Design
Bespoke Product Design

Prototyping & Field Tests

Micro will begin mocking up some prototypes, how many will depend on the product and the material. These prototypes are analysed internally both with the development team and the manufacturers.



Pre-production samples are made and sent to the client for feedback. Production can commence once the client is happy. Compliance documentation can be supplied at any stage depending on the client's request.

Inspections are carried out during manufacture for quality control.


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Bespoke Product Design